What we do and how we do – from the idea to the implementation

Packaging & design

You notice it, fall in love with is, touch is, hold it, read it and take it home with you. If it really hits you talk about it and put it away – in you memories or maybe onto you selves. Packaging is not only something necessary but it also a great tool, an excellent opportunity to communicate, to be conspicous in the crowd, to create a brand and to aquire customers. Likewise your company has to find the right packaging matching your services, your customers and of course you. Remember this to make others remember to you.


Successful brands could convince their customers by applying well structured, complex solutions. And we must notice that peoples’ needs are highly increasing on this field als. Reasonable price or good quality is not enough. They expect always something new, something compound. They expect the harmony of your services and your company identity. They expect safety during purchasing of your goods or services. They expect your responsibility to the future of your closer and wider environment. They expect the good experience by purchasing and possessing a brand. And if they don’t get all of these, they change. That’s why it has key importance to build a brand together which is undertakeable and can be loved by all parties and which can face the continuously changing market.

Packaging design

  • labels
  • boxes
  • packets
  • POS tools

Brand identity

  • logo
  • namecard
  • gifts
  • webdesign

Graphic design

  • advertisements
  • flyers
  • billboard
  • roll-up
  • brochures
  • books
  • magazines


  • brand name
  • slogan
  • campaign ideas
  • content generation
  • strategic planning
  • PR consultancy